Cast of Characters


Each of the game’s four main characters has unique skills that will help overcome the obstacles they encounter. It’s a point-and-click adventure game that scraps the idea of the lonely “hero” wandering the world and replaces it with a dynamic team of individuals each with their own talents and motivations.


Seiko is a senior designer at Bringhurst & Walham, one of Tampa’s preeminent advertising agencies. A perceptive problem-solver and skilled collaborator who has earned the respect of her peers, she is clearly going places—if only she had some idea what those places were. Somehow, the idea of promotion to the corner office, her name on the door, and a phalanx of stressed-out junior designers under her thumb doesn’t quite feel like her ultimate destiny…but what else is there to aim for?


Bringhurst & Walham’s newest summer intern, Colin is fresh out of design school and ready to save the world with his mastery of kerning and the judicious use of whitespace. He thinks he's the next great designer, Tampa’s answer to Milton Glaser, but he couldn't be more wrong. Colin’s got a lot to learn, and not just about graphic design.


Tamara is a doctoral candidate in Mythology and Folklore at Tampa Bay University. Her dissertation committee chair is missing, and that’s a big problem. Tamara needs to get some paperwork signed soon, or else she’ll never get that scrap of paper she incurred several lifetimes of debt to earn!


Carmen is a Special Agent in the US Department of Education. Politicking and budget cuts have left her division’s funding roughly on par with an elementary-school PTA after a really good bake sale, but she remains determined to clear her caseload despite a daunting lack of material resources. Her colleagues have written her off as a casualty of shifting government priorities. Can she prove the naysayers wrong?