Kickstarter Primer

The Last Goddess has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign runs until Oct. 29th. The game is a squad-based point-and-click adventure mystery set in near-future Florida.

For those of you who may not already be familiar with Kickstarter, this platform empowers artists and makers to pitch their project or product ideas to the Internet and ask for the seed money they need to develop and produce their projects. This is called crowdfunding, and it has been revolutionary, especially for independent artists and makers. Before Kickstarter existed, the only way to fund game development was to pitch to game publishers. If publishers weren't interested, or if the genre wasn't currently popular, the game couldn't get the funding and wouldn't be made. Now, thanks to Kickstarter, several point-and-click adventure games have received community support. These range from projects by industry veterans like Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, to those from newer studios like Imagos Softworks

People who support an artist’s project are called backers. Most campaigns allow backers to choose from a number of reward levels, including the product itself, plus extras like the soundtrack, t-shirts, posters, and even putting your own stamp on the game. Check out our reward levels here.  

Here’s the thing though, Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform. That means if we don’t reach our $150,000 goal, we receive nothing. Backers who have pledged to support The Last Goddess will only be charged if the project fully funds. We have a total of 30 days from our launch date to raise the entire amount. That’s a big challenge for an independent game maker, especially for a new, relatively unknown studio. We don’t yet have an established audience, and we’re doing everything we can to get the word out.

It’s a big goal to be sure, but we believe we can do it!  Other independent game makers have come before us and proved that point-and-click adventure fans show up on Kickstarter to support new games being made. We’ve worked hard to design a game that we think fans will love, and can’t wait for the opportunity to further develop it and see it through to completion. Won’t you join us on Kickstarter and back The Last Goddess today?