Meet the Cast

The Last Goddess is a new squad-based, point and click adventure mystery video game based in near future Florida. The game features an unlikely team of four characters:

  • Tamara is a doctoral candidate in Mythology and Folklore at Tampa Bay University. Her dissertation committee chair is missing, and that's a big problem  
  • Carmen is an investigator from the US Department of Education who has been sent in to investigate the professor’s disappearance.
  • Seiko is a senior graphic designer who along with Colin, an overly confident yet hapless intern, get caught up in the search.  

These characters must work together to find the missing professor and solve the mystery of The Last Goddess.

We asked Dean Sullivan, the Project Lead for the game, some questions.

What was your inspiration for the story and these characters?
In addition to playing a lot of point-and-click adventure games, I have also played many Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs). My JRPG influences include Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series, and Persona 4. The common element in all these games is that a party forms once several different characters begin working together to solve a mystery or face a threat. I think these teams work best when each character has a distinct personality, and that’s what I’ve tried to achieve with each of the games that I’ve worked on. For Adventures in Research, we worked to make sure that each student character was unique in some way. I think that’s important in adventure games as well: you can’t have one-note characters.  So in The Last Goddess, there are four characters who all bring something unique to the table. For example, Seiko is mid-career and wondering what’s next, while Colin is fresh out of school, overconfident, and lacking experience. Tamara has spent years working towards earning her doctorate and navigating the bureaucracy of a university. Carmen has had to become very resourceful, as shifting government priorities have led to severe budget cuts for her department.

For the story, I wanted something that was reminiscent of the type of plot structure you might find in an 80s movie like the original Ghostbusters.  Ordinary people get caught up in something fantastical, but the world and characters are still grounded in a reality that we can all recognize.  

What do you like about the team dynamic vs. a single protagonist? 
For the player, I think it can make the game feel more dynamic and less isolating.  There are certainly many classic point-and-click adventure games with a lone protagonist, just as there are many successful films where the main character has an interior monologue throughout. Ensemble cast films have a very different feel, and I wanted to try to bring that element to adventure games.

I think modern life sometime lends itself to a feeling of isolation. As adults we work many hours each day and then there isn’t a lot of time left to spend with friends. I hope this game helps my audience enjoy the feeling of getting into an interesting adventure with their friends.